Kindle Fire Help

Our club have been PS users from the beginning. We have used Nooks for scoring and iPad for Master since the beginning. We have about 3 dozen Nooks, while we only use 6-8 at a time for matches, and they are disposed of when we have any major problems…

That said, I have purchased 3 Kindle Fire 7" devices, as they are on sale, and will be testing them I have PS on them, but… Can I get suggestions from you all on cleaning up the device to simplify it’s use by the shooters? Cleaning up screens, locking stuff, etc. The range does not have internet access, so things related to that are not a problem. One thing I really liked about the Nook, is that I could put PS and ONLY PS dead center in the home screen so it was easy to find, if they screwed up and closed PS while scoring, etc.

Thanks all,

Mark Kauder EAGC Match Director. AL USPSA Section Coordinator

Hi Mark,
Well the Kindles have a bunch of stuff on the screen that you cant delete.
What I do is drop one program on top of another to create a folder then put everything you don’t want in that folder. Stick that folder way over in a corner.
I usually then leave the PS icon and the Settings icon visible to get the scoring app and to turn on wifi for syncing.
Seem to work not so badly… :wink:


@Mark_Kauder if you are more or less computer savvy, take a look at the Amazon Fire Toolbox.

You will have to run if from Windows PC and USB cable needed to connect Fire tablet.

The tool allows to remove/disable bunch of preinstalled stuff, as well a change the default app launcher (which would allow you to have a single app on the main screen).

This will be perfect. Not a great developer like you :wink: but…I am a retired Windows Server Admin and Citrix Admin… I am having a problem with the software finding the Fire. I can see the Fire from my PC when attached (files, etc), and I have the developer kit installed on my PC, but neither the v7.1 nor the v7.3 versions see the Fire. Still playing with it.