Issues uploading videos of match stages

I have the first scores from a match that I have shot and was scored with Practiscore. I am attempting to upload GoPro videos of a couple of the stages. The status bar seems to go all the way and then I
get an error saying

“File upload failed. Please make sure you are on a decent connection. Videos are usually large files.”

I am using a home internet connection that is very fast and stable. I have tried multiple times with the same result.

What could be the problem?

We’re taking a look at it and will get back with you.

Hi Ray!

We are working on the fix right now, it should be live today.

Thats awesome.

do you know what the max video size will be?

I don’t off the top of my head I’m afraid. @Jeff_Krammer may know :slight_smile:

We do not have a size limit on our end. The video upload service may have one. Ideally the videos will be short, only showing a single shooter on a single stage.

One shooter, one stage is all I would post. I just know that with the advancements in action cameras such as the GoPro a one minute video can be over 500 megs.

#youmightbeintrouble if your not shooting 3 gun and your stage video is over one minute… :flushed:

Do you have instructions for how to upload a video to a stage?

Larry, It’s really pretty simple.
Go to the match you want, click you your name in results and you get this page.
Then click on the video box of the stage you want.

On the next page below you fill out the description and use the browse button to find and load the video. accept the terms and When loaded you will get a “finalize upload” button. click it and you’re done.