Issue Viewing Scores - Spinning Wheel of Death

I having issues viewing scores on Practiscore. I just get a spinning wheel and nothing ever loads. This happens on my PC, Laptop and phone. It doesn’t matter if I am logged in or not. I have tried different Browsers. Edge, Chrome Firefox, etc.

This is one of the scores I am trying to view:

Here is a link that I got from searching for that match result on Practiscore and it works fine. Only difference is no www at the front.

I am having the exact same issue with all matches whether they be mine or someone elses, but it only happens on my desktop. I am still able to view the the scores on my phone. I am unable to see scores even though I was able to view them previously.

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I figure out how to get the scores to show up. I turned off the anti-tracker setting in my security suite for my web browsers and the scores display normally now.