ISSF Fullbore Match

HI, I used the PractiScore for ISSF Fullbore competition prior but had to use NRA Action match type…

However I want to be able to document the scoring properly.
Each competitor are allowed 2 Sighter shots and 10 shots to count on the target, the person have 3 options pertaining to the sighters:
Option 1: Refuse to use the sighters points and fire additional 10 shots for points
Option 2: Use the 2nd sighter points and fire 9 others shots for points
Option 3: Use both sighters for points and fire 8 shots for points.

I was able to configure the points for the targets us NRA Action match type. But is there an option to accomplish what is needed above?

Unfortunately there is not any programming to accomplish what you’re asking.
I would think it’s possible for the person doing the scoring to actually enter the sighter shots that want to be counted in place of the 10 or 9 or 8 shots.
But that relies on the score to enter things properly.

@Donovan_Mohammed to some extent you could document it in the regular NRA scoring.

  • First of all - create a separate “sighting” target with the same scoring zones as the regular one, but with all zone points set to 0.
  • Then create a "stage with a “sighting” target and with a regular target
  • Then for the sighting shots first enter them to the sighting target
    • For option 1: keep the the entered “sighting” shots and score regular target as usual
    • For option 2: move the 2nd “sighting” shot to a regular target, remove it from the “sighting” target, then score 9 outstanding shots as usual
    • For option 3: move 1st and 2nd shots to a regular target, remove them from the “sighting” target, then score 9 outstanding shots as usual

So, the number of shots entered on the “sighting” target will indicate which option was used. Option 1 - 2 shots, option 2 - 1 shot, option 3 - zero shots.