Is there a way to favorite or watch a match?

There are matches I might like to go to but aren’t open for registration yet.

Would be nice to add them to some list and get a reminder when they’re open for registration.

Thank You for the input.
We will pass this idea on the the Web designers. :+1:t2:

There is a related request here: Enhance Match Sign-up Experience

Just FYI. Hopefully we can see some of these features coming out in the future to make it less cumbersome to find and sign-up for matches.

Can You give me some examples of how you’re having a hard time finding matches to sign up for?

The “matches from clubs you’ve attended” feature is really helpful.

However, when I go to a match like this in July, it would be nice if I could mark it for my short list for “matches I am considering” that would notify me when it’s ready for registration and also when registration is near filling up if I need to decide sooner to avoid missing the match.

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Finding matches is pretty easy. However, some matches are closed, haven’t opened yet, or conflict with matches I’ve already signed-up for.

This is mostly me being really lazy and wishing I could manage existing matches along with ones I’m interested in when they open. This would save me from having to go in every few days and let me look monthly. It hasn’t happened yet to me, but I’m sure it has happened, where you end up signing up for two different matches on the same day.

I’d also like to have them automatically show up in my Google calendar to eliminate another step in the process.

These are just ideas to help make it easier on the community to participate and focus on the fun rather than the personal match management aspect.

I want to emphasize these are suggestions, not gripes. Practiscore really makes the process work well and these are just ideas that I hope would make it a little better.

Thank you all for your suggestions.
Currently as we are not making any near future updates to the website but possibly down the road somewhere.
I would suggest checking your matches you’ve signed up for on your dashboard before you register for something that could overlap.
And also just go ahead and place things on your Google calendar manually. That’s how I do it and I use a certain color for matches compared to everything else in my life. :+1:t2:

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