Enhance Match Sign-up Experience

Would it be possible to add two features that I would find extremely helpful.

  1. Allow me to follow matches that are not open yet and get notified when they open for registration. It would also be helpful to see these listed along with registered matches to avoid signing up on the same day.
  2. Enable ability to sync registered matches on my Google (or other) calendar.
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Thank you,
We will include these in the list to discuss for the next website version.

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Excellent. Hopefully others will find this useful too. Thanks.

I think these features would be very helpful. I travel a lot for my job and having these features would simplify signing up for matches for me.

I and other shooters in our area have complained about not having these features.

Thank You all for your input.
We will add these features to our list of requested things folks would like to see the website do.