Is it possible to retrive the Disqualification Rule # from a an IPSC shooter

I am trying to finish an IPSC match completion report and need the rules and timestamp used for disqualifying a shooter. I have access to the tablet and the posted results but I don’t know where to look to find the rule and time of the disqualification.

Thank you.

Currently there is no report for DQs (yet).

In the Android app you can search in the competitor list by “dq”.

Then you can tap on the shooter entry menu on the right and open list of stages, find stage where DQ was issues and tap on it to open the “Review” screen.

Any additional notes entered on DQ entry screen are also shown on the shooter editing screen.

And if scores/DQ was entered in the iOS app the details will be only on the shooter editing screen.


Thanks for your reply, unfortunately my version only displays Disqualified, it does not show the rule used. this is for an IPSC level 3 match and I am running PS 1.7.30 on android. The match is not locked and has been uploaded to and practiscore.

Like said, this is when DQ was entered on an iOS device: