Is it possible to connect another card processor besides STRIPE to Practiscore?

Is it possible to connect another card processor besides STRIPE to Practiscore? Really enjoyed those 3 months of STRIPE on Practiscore but now I have to find an alternative. Thanks! -Jack

@D.J.Petrou - Any ideas on this one?

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Sorry, Unfortunately No.
Stripe is the only CC processor we work with. Every other one either has issues with the firearms industry in general or they cannot offer the functionality that we get with Stripe.
I see you have recent problems with Stripe.
As I recommend to all clubs, you must use an club/account name that does not have any firearm or ammo connotation in the name. You also must state that you are an event promoter collecting money for event registration fees only.
I have a a few clubs that will start a new stripe account following theses suggestions then connect that to their club which they will rename if needed.

It would be nice to have another option for cases like Jacks.

Have you looked at coreCLEAR

2A friendly and they have an integration gateway.

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Would rather not go back to Stripe as we can’t comply with their restricted businesses list. All these matches on Practiscore are shooting matches. Stripe will not back businesses involved with “firearms” and “ammunition”. Not seeing how this is a long term solution.

We are sorry, but you are one of the very, very few having problems.
I have laid out what we suggest as the way to make your club work trouble free.

As a match promoter/club you are not selling firearms or ammunition so including those words is a road which does not end well with the CC processors.
If you are adamant that you must have the word “Gun Club” in your account name then you are probably going to always have issues.