Is it already possible to use a Shooter Global SMART shot timer with Practiscore

I tried to use my SG Timer with a tablet running Practiscore Android app. The timer was recognized and paired, but timer values had not been transfered to the active shooters scoring page. Can You give any suggestions please?

You may need to look at this article Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore app for Android

thank You for Your quick answer! I already read the mentioned article and didn’t find the SG timer.
But on the homepage of Shooters Global, they say, their timer will be supported by Practiscore in 2023
with firmware version 5.1, that’s why I asked.

@Richard_Keller unfortunately we can’t provide assistance or comments regarding content you found on any 3rd party resources, services or vendors.

The article I referred to contains the most up to date info for supported timers.

Also see additional notes at Support for Shooters Global timer - #7 by euxx