IPSC Comstock scoring for steel targets only

Hi All, We run a steel plate comp that I’ve been scoring on Practiscore using Time Plus and that works just fine. Some members have affiliated to UKPSA and want to get their HFs so (I think) I need to move to Comstock scoring. We are using only shotguns with birdshot, not slug.
When I try to build the stages in an IPSC match I can’t change Targets from Paper to Steel and also can’t change the Poppers/Plates from the default of poppers.
This means that when I try to score shooters I have the A-C-D-M-NS matrix when all I really want is number of hits/misses and NoShoots.

Is there a way round this? Any help gratefully received :slight_smile:

@Debby_Lunt in a regular Comstock scoring, you just specify number of steel/poppers for the stage and they all are scored as a single row entry on the scoring screen.

The IPSC Shotgun and Rifle match templates also have “Comstock2” scoring option, which is the same as “Comstock” but allow to create custom targets with reduced scoring zones (e.g. only A,M or only A,C,M) and targets with 2x points as required by the IPSC rules. Then scoring screen gets like this (you can still use more than 1 hit on those targets).

Are you just doing non affiliated matches and want hit factor scoring?
If so you can just choose hit factor and make the number of plates with no shoots enabled.
It will give you this scoring screen.
Maybe this will work for you.

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@euxx @D.J.Petrou Thanks both of you for taking the time to reply - I’ll certainly give your suggestions a try and report back - yes, we are just doing unaffiliated matches