iPad app crashes when scrolling

We have been using practiscore on iPad for a long time. Recently, we have had issues when entering scores for a stage where the app will crash as soon as you try to scroll down the list of targets. I think we may have narrowed it down to when a match has an edited stage. For example, the stages are built prior to the match, but on the day, something is changed like removing a target from one of the stages. When entering scores for that stage, you can enter the time, and start to score targets, but as soon as you scroll down the app will close.
Happens across multiple ipads and iphones. Is this a bug or are we doing something wrong???
Also, recently a thin line has appeared under the left hand side of each row of targets, which i believe coincided with the start of the crashing issue.

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I’ve forwarded this onto our iOS developer.

Thanks D.J. I just did a bit of testing and can replicate this on my iPhone.

  1. Create new match.
  2. Add shooters and assign to squads.
  3. Start to enter scores.
  4. Go back to build stages and edit a stage. (remove a target)
  5. Go back to enter scores. Continue to score the shooter and app will crash as soon as you scroll down.

Real world scenario when this is happening is if the stage is created with say 12 targets, but on the day, we cant fit that many targets on the range (indoor club), and one is scrapped and deleted from practiscore.

This is happening on all my IOS devices… I can’t run a match with this happening. Is there a way to downgrade to an earlier version ?

Hi Steve,
We have managed to isolate the issue on our match ipads. This only seems to happen if you delete or modify a stage. Tests I did are in my post above and can replicate it every time by following the 5 steps. That being the case, we now ensure that no-one can edit the stage once the match has been setup and everything seems to be ok.

Hope that helps a little bit. Ive still heard nothing back from practiscore about this bug though.

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So maybe if I export/import the match now that it’s ready… ready to shoot tomorrow… and maybe it will import without any of the edits?? I’ll give it a try.

That seems to import all the edits… I will rebuild the match from scratch and not make edits.

Thank you for your help on this. I recreated the match without any stage edits and it seems to be running properly now. Do you have faith in the app when you create the match stages without edits ?

Yes, everything seems to be fine so long as you dont make any edits to the stages. I have added a target which seemed to be ok. The issue seems to happen as soon as anything is deleted. So to be on the safe side, I always just make sure there are no edits on any stages.

I’ve got a developer looking at this again.
At what point of modifying a stage is this happening?
Any time during the building of stages?
After you have imported registration?
After you have gone into the scoring section and have left creation mode of the match?

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What match type?

This will be fixed in the next update later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for reporting and for your patience.

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Did you still require any info on this issue ?

You can use this link to run test builds before release.