Ios dnf pop up box

When choosing to DNF a shooter for one of the many reasons needed in a match, a prompt box appears asking if you want to disqualify that shooter.

Can this be changed as it confuses the diligent RO”s

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See photo below

No, this doesn’t need to be changed. If a shooter needs to be DNF’d, the Range Master should be notified and they should know what to do. The best way to insure no confusion is to explain how to do it to your RO’s.
Since we’ve never had issues in the past, this slight inconvenience is unneccessary to change. If it’s not pressing, we’re not changing it.
Thank you, and happy shooting.

A Range Master Does Not need to be notified if a shooter is not present at the at the stage.

Rule 6.5.1
Rule 9.10.3
If a shooter has a zero time and does not fire a shot.
A DNF is the proper score and a Range Master does not need to be notified.

So YES!!!
It does need to be changed.

Yes both options have the heading of “Disqualify shooter” but the note under each one is different “DNF” or “Disqualify”. If RO’s read correctly, then this shouldn’t be a problem and as Jalise said we’re not changing it.

I instruct all ROs that if the shooter that is scheduled to be on a squad does not show up they should dnf them.
A dnf can be changed and if the shooter finally shows up it can be undone and they can shoot and be scored.
It’s not about the rulebook it’s about maintaining control of the match from a scoring standpoint.
Controlling the scoring of the match has nothing to do with the rule set.

If that is the “ PractiScore Best Practices Method” Then why dosnt the Android app do the same thing for consistency?


I completely agree with your method.

But the shooter is not disqualified as the prompt suggests.

So the prompt from the box is misleading to the RO that is working the tablet.

It’s your show - if you want to mislead the RO’s and be inconsistent between platforms that’s fine by me. I understand it perfectly and will keep further suggestions to myself.

All you have to do is choose DNF.
I’m not really sure where your confusion is?



Wait a minute so you’re worried because the wording says disqualify but in the sentence it says dnf?
And YOU are aware that all it will do is dnf the shooter?
Please communicate with your ROs if you are concerned about the wording.

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Clearly this cosmetic issue is not worth this much time. This small typo should be noted and hopefully fixed when time permits.

Even so everyone is basically ignoring or not even seeing that confirmation popup title says “disqualify” instead of DNF. The action still does the DNF correctly.

Let’s move on.

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Use the Android version and you get the proper “DNF/0.0 Shooter… Give “Shooter name” a DNF/0.0 for this stage?”