Invite user to manage club

I manage our USPSA club and want to add Steel Challenge matches for pre registration. Do they have to have their own page or can I add them to our page? I would like to add their directors name and email, and also add her to have access to PS management, so she can manage her matches. Is this possible? We are under one organization and I am the secretary for the whole organization (and manage the strips accounts).

I tried to invite her to help manage our club and when I entered her email it states “(her email) was not found in system. Contact them and have them sign up for an account.”


Hi Cathy!
Does your SC person have a practiscore account? She’ll need an account to manage the club.
You can also add her as a manager, and she’ll have the same access as you.

To add, you can only have one club email and point of contact listed for the club.
If steel challenge is different when they create a match for them they can change the email point of contact. But it is going to default to the club information every time unless they clone the match.
As far as making this person an admin they first have to have a PractiScore account and you need to use that exact email that they use on their account to add them with.