Individual scores as match progresses

I’m trying to find a way to see individual’s scores as the match progresses. Because we shoot the same COF 4 times I’d like to be able to report scores following each rotation of COF. We’re using Fire 8 tablets.

@John_Wirth you have to tell us specifics…

  • Do you want to see them as a competitor or as a match director or staff?
  • Do you have access to scoring devices?
  • Are those scoring devices on a public wifi you have access to?
  • Are scores posted anywhere between your “rotations”?

I want to see them as match director
Fire 8’s
The devices are sync’d on a phone hot spot
I’m looking to announce the top 3 or 5 competitors from the most recent rotation/stage. No, there are no other postings of scores between stages.

@John_Wirth after syncing all scoring devices to the master you can go to the “View Results” screen and look at the stage and/or overall results there and do your announcements based on that.

Depending on your match type you may or may not have the overall standings in the middle of the match. E.g. any time-based matches, including SC, IDPA, ICORE or other TimePlus variants won’t have interim overall scores until all stages are completed.

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