Incorrect Result/score display in New Version but correct in HTML and Competitor

Dear Admins,

I have an issue that the web page and the Results report shows incorrect result in the new version but correct result in the HTML version and Practiscore Competitor App. You can also see the screenshot from Master Device which is also showing correct result (unfortunately as a new user I can upload only one screenshot but I have also screenshots from the Practiscore Competitor and from the Master scoring device if you would like to see those as well)

This is causing allot of inquiries/protests from the competitors. The Name of the Match is: OPERACJA FURIA SEZON 4 - TACTICAL SHOOTING COMPETITION
Date: 2024-06-06
competitor: Gorski Lukasz (but this issue occurs not only for this particular one)
Could you pls have a look?

It might help if you write down what is correct and what is incorrect. I don’t spot the difference after a quick comparison.

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Hi Jonpas!
Thank you for your quick reply, the problem is there were in fact 83 Alphas scored which is not visible in the web report (see attached screenshot from the master scoring device)

Practiscore Competitor App is also showing the correct nbr of hits on Alpha (see attached img) it’s just the new report on the web which is showing only 3 alphas. Could it be that the report has there just one digit and it is not displaying all rows / rows of tens?

@Lukasz_Gorski it looks like the “new style” results are not showing individual hits >64 correctly. I don’t think that affects anything else regarding stage or overall scores.

You can see these hits if you look at the verification in the old style html report.

yep, that’s what I have also figured out but man oh man this is causing allot of stir, we are getting pretty angry emails :confused: You’re planning on fixing that?

I notified the web team. Though I won’t expect it to get fixed immediately.

No worries, thnx! It would be good thou if you could fix it at some point as it would save a lot of hassle and explaining after each match :slight_smile:

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Similar issue on one stage only on the IPSC Alberta Provincials 2024 match. Stage 9 won’t display scores.