Incorrect member # to correct?

Hello, in a recent match there is an incorrect USPSA member # posted. It’s a duplicate of another member. How can this be corrected?

Just update member# on the master tablet and resubmit scores to PractiScore web site again.

To update your number you will need to contact the person whom can get to the master scoring tablet, probably the MD. Give them your correct USPSA number and ask them to change it in the master tablet then repost the results to Practiscore.
If you have problems with that let us know.

I am the MD - just noticed an incorrect USPSA number for a Sep20 match (I know it is late) that I was trying to upload to USPSA from Practiscore. The match was deleted from my master tablet so I cannot retrieve it…
How do I correct a USPSA number at this point?
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If you will share the match and club name with us we will see what we can do.

@Lincoln_Salvador if match is already uploaded to USPSA and for this late after the match - contact USPSA and ask them to update their records and/or use form on their web site

On a side note. There are no reasons to delete matches from the tablet. And even if you really really want to delete them - email yourself an export file from the tablet, so you have copy of all the data.

Thanks for the response…
The software accepted the verify that I left open because when I logged in the following day the match scores were accepted into USPSA. The match was paid for quickly and I went to the club resources tab and executed a USPSA member number correction. All is as it should be…
Lessons learned:

  1. Double check USPSA numbers at registration (usually do but this one slipped through)
  2. Do not delete old matches from my iPad (even though I tend to delete old emails, texts etc.)
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