In "Recent Events" I see many matches that I didn't participate in

On my dashboard I see a whole bunch of matches that I didn’t participate in. Last time I participated in Zoo City Armory Carbine/2-Gun @ CGGR was Dec 11, 2021 but I see so many other Zoo City 2-gun matches there after this date.

So here is what is going on.
The Match Director is creating a match with ALL the past shooters in it.
Then he is marking the non participating (you) shooters as deleted.
When he posts the results it still connects to all the deleted/non participating shooters dashboards also.
My suggestion is to Contact the match director and ask him to remove you from his match creation file. They are doing online registration so this shouldn’t happen. They should use the match registration but I believe they are not.
Here is the link to the club if you need it.

In the meantime what you can do is go to your dashboard and click view all for all you past events. You can uncheck the ones you don’t want to see.

If you continue to have trouble let me know at [email protected]

Thank you for the update. Of course I won’t be reaching out to the match director :slight_smile:
I am trying to uncheck those which I didn’t participate it - I see that I can uncheck its checkbox but I don’t see how to persist my unchecking. After I uncheck them and click on home - it shows me all those unchecked matches again.

As a web developer myself I feel it’s not a big deal not to show those matches in which I am not in the results - a simple SQL join :slight_smile: