Import psc file to practiscore at iPad failed

Hi, I can’t import my local psc file (contains only shooters) into practiscore. It always tells me that the file does not exist.
“Import Failed File /private/var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/91014967-A4EE-456A-9D65-CACC1F22404A/File Provider Storage/jdk.psc doesn’t exist”
When I try to open the file in BBEdit, it works normally, it contains two json objects.
Can you please advise me what I need to do/set up to import the shooters into the plant?
p.s. I also have an iPhone where it behaves the same way.
Thank you.

@Petr_Simunek in the sentence “It always tell me…” which “it” you are referring to and what exactly did you do in order to “import my local psc file” before it tells you that?

I have a psc file exported from our national site. This file is verified by hundreds of matches over the last few years on android devices.
I will upload this file to icloud. On the iPad I open the “files” app find it and click on “share”. The Practiscore app, among others, will show up in the list. I select it, Practiscore launches and then the above error follows.
I don’t know of any other way to directly import a psc file into the iPad.
I hope I have described the procedure in a clear way :slight_smile:
Thanks, Peter

It doesn’t look like the current iOS app supports opening export files from arbitrary folders in the “files” app.

You might be able to open them if you move file under “PractiScore” folder on the device (though I won’t recommend doing that) or email file to yourself and then use open/share action in the email attachment.

Emailing works. Thank you very much.