Import of club list

Hi everyone,

I have to add to registration form the dropdown, which will have the club list. Shooter should pick one of them. Ofcourse I can add every club, but there is over 400 of them.

Is there any chance to import them to the dropdown field from csv or some other type of file?

This is very important to me, becouse a need to keep the correct spelling for next steps after the match.


Don’t really understand exactly what you’re asking about a club list.
Please explain what you want in registration.

I want to add to the registration form a field, where competitor can choose a club. Not filling the blank field but choosing one of the drop-down list.

But I want to add them(clubs) from CSV (or other) file.

There is no option to import a csv into a drop down menu set up.
Truly, I can’t even imagine navigating a drop down with 400 options.