If I move a users score to another user it change the destination scores, how can I avoid this?

As per title.
I “think” the score from one user overwrites the other and does not “swap” the scores… Why cant you swap scores? Should this not be an option?

Or do I need to do 2+ moves, like a shuffle around?

@Richard_Ingram usually it is two operations. For the first shooter you reassign the current score and if second shooter is one where score was reassigned you can also reassign saved scores from the history.

Though half of the times there only one score need to be reassigned and it is not obvious without additional investigation if second score need to be reassigned or not.

@Richard_Ingram also note, nothing is wiped out or overwritten. All previous versions of scores can be found in the scores history.

Scores history you say… cool. I shall investigate…

Ok… where in the app is the score history?

On review scores screen. History is right under the current score.

Cool, found it! Thanks…