IF Chromebook won't set up a match

FIXED as I’m documenting this issue for help. I have not edited my methods for folks to review and hopefully resolve this for themselves if they see it happen.

I’m setting up our match for this coming Saturday using a Chromebook.
This is using version 1.7.10 (202105262237).

When I attempt to “get Match Registration” using the pin, it appears to pull in the match. It gives me the “Different Match” with the rundown of what the match is…
When I click “Apply Changes”, it shows the circling icon in the upper corner, goes back to the import/export menu without updating the match.

I attempted to build the match manually, then import into the current match. This shows that it should have worked, but there’s no shooters in the list.

I did the same thing on my phone, and was successful.
On the Chromebook, I clicked sync devices and pulled the match over from my phone. It appeared to work, but again, there’s no shooters in the match.
Most of the options on the main menu were slight gray compared to Enter Scores.
The phone shows that it’s in match mode.

I attempted to delete the current match, and it isn’t wanting to delete.

I’ve restarted the Chromebook - same results.

I forced shutdown of Practiscore. I then attempted to delete the current match - again failed.
I attempted again to import the match registration - it looked like it was going to work, but it failed too.

BINGO! I think.
I reconfigured the save scorelog on a match - sending to the external card “Practiscore” folder.

I was then able to delete the match.

I pulled the match in from Practiscore PIN and this time it stayed at “Pull Match Registration” form with Changes Applied.

I will keep an eye on this.

I somehow think that this was caused by someone unplugging the micro SD card and plugging it back in. OR it was caused by one of the Chromebook updates that seem to hit a few times a week.