IDPA Categories single selection

Greetings! IDPA Match Administration Rules state:

M-5.4 Competitors may choose one of the following to add to their registration if they apply at the time of the match: …

Currently PractiScore only allows multiple selection for categories as an in-built field for IDPA matches (you can edit the categories, but not the type of selection). In a lot of bigger matches that follow the Match Administration Rules appropriately, there is a note added to only select one and custom curation done afterwards to make sure each shooter is only in 1 category. One can remove the default category and add a custom one, but that does not transfer to scoring tablets appropriately or show in the results.

Would it be possible to change this so it is a single selection (radio button) or some other form that would only allow one category to be selected? Maybe give us an option to select the type of the field?

Thank you in advance for your input!

Is there any info available for this or a workaround that would not require manual checking and correspondence with the shooter that selected multiple?