IDPA 2nd Finger PE automatic DQ


Running an IDPA match, one can select a Finger PE (+3s) all fine. However, per IDPA rules, a second Finger PE received by a shooter is an automatic disqualification.

Is this somehow viewable while scoring, I do not seem to get any notification when a 2nd Finger PE is applied, thus there might be missing DQs. “Warns” are shown on the list of shooters, but that is only viewable to non-locked tablets (eg. master), which is less than ideal for immediate feedback to the shooter and the safety officer.

What is the procedure people use to work Finger DQs easily?

@Jonpas all warnings, DQs and DNFs also shown on the Notifications screen which is not locked on the scoring tablets.

However, generally a scoring tablet may not have all match scores, i.e. it generally does not have the full information about competitor’s scores.

The procedure is to notify the primary match safety officer, the match director and stats. They have access to the full match data and can act accordingly.

Notifications screen is definitely something that skipped my mind! It helps to some extent, but not fully. Ideally we would like to completely avoid separate tracking of Finger PE.

In our cases, tablets travel with the squads, so 95% of the time a single tablet will have all scores of a given competitor. What would be really useful is a notification on 2nd Finger PE that it is a second one, maybe when pressing review or when applying the penalty.

Alternatively, maybe this could also be improved vastly just by having a “current warns” count under the scoring menu. Maybe even under the menu where you apply the penalties, so you immediately see you are applying another (be it 2nd or 3rd or whatever to make it useful for other disciplines as well). Or even just next to the shooter’s name like under the list of shooters.

Of course I understand fully this can only take account of warns present on the tablet, but that is no different from warns under the Edit Shooters menu (if unlocked).

Thanks for your quick reply and information! I may just be spewing ideas, this is not an expectation or request in any way. :slight_smile:

Thank you. We’ll note these ideas for future app updates.

BTW, keeping tablet with the squad is less common and also introduces higher risk of loosing scores if things go wrong (an entire squad scores vs one/few stage scores). I’d strongly recommend doing backups, syncing after every stage/bay and enabling online scoring log (internet connection is required).

We have range-wide Wi-Fi and sync as often as possible, so it’s not really a worry. It of course depends on the range and availability of staff, but rest assured, there is always some level of safety net. Thanks for the worry though!