ICORE Hit Values

Hello —
I participate in a weekly pistol league at my range. Currently we are tracking scores with pen & paper.
After looking through, creating & trying out some different match templates, the ICORE is just about perfect for our needs. The only thing is the paper target Hit Values.
Is there a way I can change the current default ICORE Paper Hit Values?
Also if possible the default Zone lettering?

Any & all tips, tricks, direction & advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Short answer. No, you can’t customize target zones time-values or target zone names in ICORE scoring.

However, the ICORE is just a variant of Timeplus scoring. So, as the Points Down (aka IDPA). The main difference is recording per-target or individual hits. Though in most cases that information is not essential and you can just score it using plain Timeplus or Points Down scoring.

Thank you euxx!

Yep I created a couple different time pluses before my OP and they will work fine for our needs. Just really liked the format & recording method in ICORE & UPL

Note that upl is points and icore is time-scored. Very different things.

Ut, I see that now — Thank you verry much again! I greatly appreciate it