I pads not syncing

ok so we scored our match withe the exact same equpment for the last ten or so years running ipad minis woth highest OS they will take 9.3.5 amd the latest PSApp yhey will take which is 1.725 ipads connect to wifi and see each other on symc page we sync but not all info transfers or it transfers but will not display info of course u can not resync.

had to resetand edit about 12 score and put them in the master ipad by hand to make them display had a few walk ons we had to merge is the only difference we score our match with these once a year otherwise the are turned off and sit till next year any guess what is goijng on? remides?

Robert, besides running an old app version, you need to tell us more than that and provide specifics. Which info does not transfer or “not display” (not sure what that means either), what error you are getting, etc.

PS: also if you can’t get PractiScore app updated on your tablets, it might be the time you need to get some new tablets…

stage info does not display on madter after sync