I lost the ability to have a set price for club members over non club members

When I accepted the ability for Practiscore to sync with Stripe I lost the ability to have a separate payment set for our club members over non members.
The SET PRICE ADJUSTMENTS feature will not work. I will have shooters electing to use that discount even if they are non members.
I need to be able to get the ability to tie specific pricing to our club members who sign up.

Please advise ASAP
Mark Stamper
GPSL club president

Hi Mark!
We are currently working some bugs out of the new system that have popped up, as well as making some changes. We will be having a meeting about it today, and I’ll be sure to bring up the membership issue.

So in the mean time what should I do? I need to get registration open for our upcoming match ASAP.
I need to be able to have 2 different payments Without using the discount option currently in place.


You can do it two ways. The new system will show what they paid under in the Approve/View section, so if you know (or suspect) they are not members, you can check it on your member list. The other way you can do it is to not require payments at the time of registration, ask them to enter a membership number in a custom field or check a member/non member box in the registration form. You can then send them a payment link with the member/non member price.

We are working on a system that merges the former system and this one, but the earliest it may be implemented is next week.

to be honest, this solution is awful. this creates a lot of extra work for a system that was working properly before. You all made “improvements” that broke another feature. You all obviously did not test all scenarios and now we as users of the site are left with a less than adequate solution. A fix by next week is TOO long to wait

Mark, sorry you’re dissatisfied with those solutions.

We did consider the uses of this feature and talked to the multiple Match Directors (Major and Local) before implementing it. The ability to create a custom match fee based on the discounts or additional purchases was highly requested - the system cannot work in exactly the way every individual Match Director wants.

Enabling reduced match fees for members of a PS club was seen as a minor feature, one that didn’t need to have two solutions. We’ve received some feedback that some clubs, including yours, would like to retain that functionality, so we’re bringing it back. That will take some time and there are multiple solutions available for you to run your match the way you want it, right now. If you don’t trust your shooters, either approve them manually, or verify that they paid the correct fee in the “Approve Shooters” page and deal with erroneous match fees. The website doesn’t exist to solve personal conflicts with shooters registering dishonestly - MDs still have to run their own matches.

I have a member that is current till June but is being charged the non member price. what can be done to fix this. I can provide you the member name if you need it.

Go ahead and send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll take a look at it for you.