I have selected payment offline on two matches but one is showing payment online CC info

I was trying to set up a Stripe account but our EIN is no longer valid, I got an email from Stripe stating that our EIN was no longer valid. So since we have not got that straightened out I chose the payment of OFFLINE on two matches before they opened to the public. Over the weekend several people registered for both matches and everyone paid online for the one match as it is showing that option to them but on my end it is showing offline as the choice. 1: will Stripe work without an EIN? 2: why is one of our matches showing the availability for CC when it is showing OFFLINE on my end? Thank You. Brent

If you could share with us your club name and what matches you are having issues with then we can take a look.

I dug your club up. I believe the match you are referring to is showing payments because you have the *Payment Options: Require full payment at time of registration *
Check as required. This will show them the CC payment section.
On the other match you do not.

I have turned it off on the Steel Challenge match.

As far as you Stripe setup. You should be able to handle that via the Stripe Website and their customer service dept.

That makes sense, i did see that one difference this morning when i was told what was going on and i unchecked that and logged out and back in but it was still showing me the CC option at the bottom. I was uncertain what to do at that point. Thank You, Brent