I changed an event registration close date and the event disappeared

I am trying to use events for my classes and am having some success. One class filled up and I realized that I had set it for too many slots initially. To keep other people from registering, I changed the registration close date to that morning. As soon as I did that and the time passed, the event disappeared. Now I’m thinking I have to go back and recreate the class via emails, but my guess is it is still in the system, I just can’t see it.

The registration page still works at:

But the event does not show up on my dashboard as the match director/club owner. It was a private event if that helps.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Are you talking about this one?
I went to the echo valley club page and there are three events listed as you can see in this photo below. BUT you have used the group function and the one you are talking about is grouped with another one so it’s kind of hidden.

DJ for the win! I don’t even totally know what the group function is, but I managed to turn it off again.

I really appreciate the insight and fast reply.