I cannot access the club I created as MD to setup a match, it thinks I am a shooter only

Good mornign. My name is Gary Swope. I created the club York IWLA Funshooters, with email [email protected]. I can log into this account, but it does not have ma as a match director or a club.

To complicate things, I have lost access to the [[email protected]] email by violating some unspecified gmail rule, my appeal is pending. Please reach out to me at [email protected] if necessary. This forum here works well also.

What am I doing wrong?


It looks like the club is setup under your ghswope email address not the yorkiwlafsmd one. You’ll need to login to your ghswope PS account and you can add your other email address as a match director/admin

Thank you, wonder how I did that.

My intent was to keep ghswope separate from iwlafsmd so I can have guest MD’s run matches from the iwlafsmd account without logging into my personal shooter account.

How can I correct this?

So I am setting up my first match for now under the ghswope log in. The field “affiliation” is required, yet I am not affiliated with anything, we are a local falling steel funshoot. Action steel kinda fits, but we are not part of a league. I there a non affiliated thing for club funshoots? Can taht catagory be added?

thank you

It all depends on how you are scoring a match.
Action Steel is not a sanctioning body, anyone can use it.
Yo can search the community for help by using the search bar and typing in things you need. Such as “Match types” or “steel Matches”. It’s similar on how you look for info on google or any other search engine except this is specific to Practiscore.

Thank you. I did a little smurfing around in the community. In my case, I am not scoring at all, so the scoring format is not important, but now I see the differences in scoring vs match types.

I’ll stick with action steel, it seems the most generic, unless Practiscore one day creates a free form thing for funshoots like this.

Thanks for the response, and direction.


Are you doing just 1 string per stage and scoring by time only or time plus penalties? If so, you can use the time plus match type and it’ll score based only on time and any penalties/bonuses you add.

We are not scoring at all. This is just a fun arcade style thing. I am using Practiscore for registration sanity, not for scoring.