I can’t log in the problem is I had an account on a iOS device and it got wiped and now when I try to login

My problem is I can’t login because I was logged in on my iOS device and it had to be wiped. So now when I try to sign unit gets kicked out by saying I’m using an email already in use.what can I do!!???

Have you tried the “Forgot Password?” on the sign-in screen?

That’s not the problem it’s because I don’t have the email address that I had .it was changed when I retired and I had to get another email due to my former firm requirements I can’t take the firms email

So when you go to the login page, enter your email original email and then enter your password, what happens?

Once you log in all you have to do is change your primary email to your new email and then list your old email in the “additional emails” section so your old matches are still tracking to you.