HTML landing page after member payment

FYI getting multiple reports of an html text landing page after making member dues payment. In all cases the payment still goes through. Let me know if you want more detail.

Not seeing this anywhere else.
What’s different about your match? Cloned, imported registration?
Any other fancy stuff you’re doing?

Not related to matches. It’s in the member payments (renewing club membership). Here’s an example someone sent me today. This is the landing page after they make payment to renew club membership. It appears to take them back to the club page, but it’s in HTML.

This happened when I tried to pay my member dues tonight.

Have you contacted your match director?
We would need all the info to look into this.

@D.J.Petrou sorry I missed your reply. I just came back to say I’m getting more and more reports of this HTML landing page when members are making membership payments. It is perceived as an error, but I think it’s actually just the HTML code for the member payment success landing page (see screen shots above). Recently, we even had someone keep trying to pay and ended up paying for the membership 3 times. Please let me know what info you need and I’ll be happy to provide. Thanks!

@D.J.Petrou and @Steph_Marie this issue has migrated from what used to be a strange HTML code landing page after membership payment to now an actual payment processing error showing on the screen. However, the payment actually does go through and people end up paying multiple times, getting an error each time and never knowing if the payment actually went through. It seems to be allowing the membership to paid multiple times. Please see attached screenshot. May I ask for your help to please notify the webmaster to look into this? :pray:t2:

I believe it was fixed by the webmaster on Friday.