How to retain email of all registered match shooters after match?

How would a MD or club administrator recover the name/email address of registered shooters after the match? It would be helpful to collect the info to promote future matches, volunteers, memberships, etc. I have read previous forum questions on this topic and not sure if the answers apply to my question.

@Doug_Caldwell there is an Export menu on the “Approve/View shooters” page for your match. It will give you a CSV file with your competitors data that you can import into Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

Also note, this export won’t have additional emails for competitors registered/entered on tablets after registration is pulled from the PractiScore web site. For those you can use the “Export Registration” option from the “Import / Export” screen in the app to export competitor’s data from the tablet.

TKS for quick reply again. Just so I understand as I don’t have MD access to our club’s Practiscore page;
After the match the MD/admin goes where to find ‘Approve/View shooters’ to export to CSV file for appropriate spread sheet. If this is explained in one or other previous questions just direct me there. My ultimate goal is to get those who do have MD access to capture the email address for various reasons. MDs won’t due it before the match, but maybe someone would after the match. Before I tell them about the opportunity I want to know it works.

The csv export is from the online match registrations. It can be saved before, after or anytime. :+1:

On the club’s Practiscore page, there is an area labeled ‘Upcoming Matches’. Next to it will be a link labeled ‘X Total Matches’ where X equals the number of past, present, and future matches for the club. Click on this link. You should be able to find any past match for which you want an export. Once you’ve located the match, click on the ‘Manage’ drop-down menu and select ‘Approve/View Shooters’. There will be an ‘Export’ drop-down menu at the top of the list of shooters. Click it and select ‘Email Data’ (if all you need is shooter name and email). A CSV file will be generated.

You are getting me to a solution except click on the ‘Manage’ drop-down menu and select ‘Approve/View Shooters’. When I view the page with completed matches I don’t see a manage button. I am not a MD/admin so my access is limited. Here is a link to the page where there is no manage

The information we are giving you is for folks with Admin rights to the club.
Regular club members will not be able to see what we are telling you to do.
I suggest you pass the info on the a club manager or have them contact us directly.

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OK, all set now. I will pass along your instructions to the club admin. Then its up to them to take advantage of collect email address. We can close this questions now.