How to remove "Request to Withdraw" from Dashboard of a match setup from a clone

We cancelled a match last year, and rescheduled for this year, and shooters chose to either withdraw for a refund, or carry their registration over. So I cloned last year’s match after shooters made their choices. I overlooked refunding and deleting 5 shooters who had requested to be withdrawn. All 5 are staying in the match this year, but the match dashboard still shows their requests to withdraw. How do I remove these dashboard requests without triggering confusion from auto-emails generated for those 5 shooters?

You will have to re-add them manually. Do it through the ad shooter function in the approved view shooter list under the match. After you register them you can remove their other registration and totally delete them from the match.

Thank you, D.J., for the quick reply. I figured that would be the case. Since the dashboard is only visible and of concern to me, and doesn’t really affect their approval status, I think I’ll just ignore it to avoid the trouble of delete/add back. I appreciate your feedback.