How to keep shoot off scores separate from target scoring

I am attempting to build a rifle match utilizing the precision rifle template for scoring a simple a target course. Any match ties are determined by a timed shoot off with with the winner determined by hits verses time. We also keep a running total of target hits by each shooter for each match to determine a yearly winner. The match works as built, but the shoot off targets also show in the total number of targets scored for each shooter. The shoot off targets are not used for determining the total number of hits for the yearly total. I’m looking for a way to separate the shoot off results from the match results. Am I using the right match template? Do I need to build a separate hidden match to report the shoot offs? If I have to use a separate shoot match, can I run them concurrently?

Thanks for the help.

@Steve_Gerot as far as I know the PRS rules include stages with required time in the match results.

If you don’t want those stages to be included with some match results, you will have to make some separate match, e.g. suing a “Clone” option on the main one.

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