How to handle waitlisted shooters

So I like the new storefront, we use the price discounts to allow juniors, members, non-members, and new shooters to self register and determine their price. Saves some time, and the shooters like being able to immediately squad. So our match filled up, and I had waitlisted shooters. After a couple of shooters dropped out, what is the best way to handle the waitlisted shooters?

I have accept online payments, require full payment at time of registration, and allow squadding after registration. So it looks like I need to approve or approve with custom price. The problem with approve with custom price is that I don’t necessarily know what discounts apply to them.

Glad to see you using the Storefront!
What I would probably do is to approve the waitlisted shooters with the full custom price. If later, you find out that they are say, a junior shooter. Then you can go in and refund them the correct amount to get them to their correct price. Of course if you know what discount is due them you just custom price them the correct amount.
The new refund system is cool as you can refund the whole amount or a partial amount. You also have control of them being marked paid or not.
Lot of Options for the Match Administrator!
Hope this helps, if you have more questions just ask.

Thanks - you guys respond super fast!! One more question, if I approve them with the full price - it looks like they can potentially squad without paying. Is that true? But then again because I run the match, my view can be different than theirs so I am not 100% sure. The way I normally operate has always been paid shooters can squad. Using the storefront, I was able to allow them to self select price/pay/squad. To avoid having to approve every shooter, I checked checked ‘allow squadding after registering - no approval or payment required’. After filling the match, I could probably edit the match and change the option to ‘require payment and approval to squad’, but I might have to also approve any unsquadded shooters at that time (even if they have paid). It seems like there is a missing button on the squadding requirements ‘require payment to squad’. I normally dodge that by the ‘require full payment at time of registration’, but waitlist is the gray area.

I can’t thank you guys enough for the storefront! It has been great for our club.

Warren Harper

Happy we can help.
The way you have it set up anyone that pays can squad…theoretically a waitlister could take a squad spot before the last slotted shooter does.
Personally, because I look at my matches every day or so. I always set it to approve before they squad. The bonus of that now is that you can more closely monitor who chooses which payment amount. (You know some 23 yo is going to try and pay as a junior :wink:)
The reality is overseeing and clicking the approve button is just minutes of your time per match. I think its cheap time to make sure everything is correct.