How to get the “PS” icon back?

When I donated to PractiScore I got the grey “PS” next to my name.
I tried other icons but I liked the grey “PS” best. When I tried to go back from another icon to the grey PS it is not there. I can’t choose or select it.
How can I get the grey PS back?

PS: Tried emailing support but they couldn’t figure it out.

Depending on the amount or subscriptionn you have donated to practiscore the PS icon changes color. If you like the grey PS icon better, you can choose to donate the amount of the grey PS subscription amount. I think that should work to give you the icon you want.

I just gave you back a Blue and Black PS badge.
You can change it if you like.

Can you change it back to the grey PS icon that I originally had?
There is no selection for the grey PS badge in the selection of badges available.
Can you please change it back to the grey PS please?

I will have to have to web dept look at it.
They are buried in projects at the moment but i will see what i can get done.

Thank you.

FYI, Respectfully, I reported this issue 6 months ago (this is the 2nd time I’ve asked for help with this) and it’s frustrating they could not help me then or now.

The feedback from I.T. is that the original grey icon you have is from your subscription. Once you changed it there is no going back to it.
Unfortunately I.T. does not have the time or manpower to completely reprogram the subscription system to let subscribers only choose from the icon of their subscription color.
It is possible that it will reappear when your subscription renews in Dec…OR you could cancel then renew your subscription from scratch and you would get it back.