How to fix "is not a valid SCSA classsifier code"

Hello, we had a Steel Challenge match yesterday, and I am trying to get the “.csv” file so I can pay Steel Challenge the $1.00 fee per gun so competitors can see their scores on wenesday when they post the classifiers stages. When the match was set up, (not by me) the person did not list the stages as “Classifiers”, so no code was entered.
Since the match is over, can I go back and change the stages to all Classifiers? We had a 6 stage match.
Please let me know if this can be done, and Thank you for any help you can give.


Yes you can. Edit classifier codes and reupload results. Then ctrl-refresh on the web site before generating new csv.

You can create another match and add classifiers you wanted to check the right codes to be used in your original match.

Hello again,
When I add the classifier code and download it to Practicscore, it still gives me this: not a valid SCSA classifier code. Still need help on getting the “.csv” file download.
LIke for Showdown, is the classifier code sc-102?


Yes, but upper case. And make sure to check the classifier checkbox

OK, WE WILL try that…Thanks!

ok, this is what we have now. see attached pic. should we delete the stages without the code, then upload to practiscore again?

@DAN_HARMAN there is no stage with code SC-202 should be SC-102.
Stage 4 Pendulum has a classifier checkbox set, but no classifier code is entered. Most likely that is what cause error you are seeing.

On a side note, the first 6 stages have all the scores, stage 7 has 23 shooters scored (same stage as stage 1, and on a first glance the scores also look like the same), stages 8 - 12 have no scores. Because of those incomplete stages most people in your match don’t have the overall scores.

I don’t know if you need to delete stages without score before posting to scsa. You may need to contact them about that.

Yes you will need to delete the incorrect stages prior to uploading to PS and SCSA. Otherwise SCSA will charge you for each individual stage/shooter.

Thank you euxx!
We finally was able to download the file and get it to USPSA.
YOUR help was greatly appreciated!


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I have the same problem. I’ve checked the “classifier” box when I set up the match and added the classifier number as the “Classifier ID”. Now can’t get the csv file.
thanks for any help

You need to add a correct classivier code (check with your org what codes they support). Or better use “add classifier” action in the app to get correct classifier stage added.

I clicked the “add classifier” button when setting up the match. Went back and took all the manually input “SC-101” type numbers out and it still gives me the same message: "
is not a valid SCSA classifier code". Can you look at the match in PS? PF&G October Match.


None of your stages have classifier codes in the match results posted to the PractiScore website.

The USPSA is expecting something like this (exact codes - matching case and no spaces around or in). You get those codes automatically when you create a new match with default stages in the app or when you use “add classifier” option in the app.

  • Showdown - SC-102
  • Roundabout - SC-108
  • Speed Option - SC-107
  • Five to Go - SC-101
  • Pendulum - SC-106
  • Smoke & Hope - SC-103

You need to enter those in the app. Reupload results. Then wait when you will see those codes on the web site results (link above). Clear your web browser cache or use Ctrl-Refresh (to make sure you have the updated results) and then use the “SCSA Upload” button.