How to email shooters after match is over to get feedback

Just completed a time plus Zombie match and would like to email all shooters to task for feedback on what they thought of this type of match. I know how to do that before the match is started but cannot find anything now that the match is complete.

Go to the Approve /View shooters list in the match under the club account.
one of the options in the upper right box is “email shooters”.
That should get you what you need .

Here’s a tutorial!

The match is over and results have been posted. When I go to the club page the Match is no longer there since it is over. I have used the feature you listed, to inform shooter before but that was before the match was completed. So unless I am missing something I can’t see the manage button anymore.

Hey. I found how to do it. Had to click on view all match’s and then was able to email all shooters

Yep. :+1: :+1: :+1: