How to disconnect Stripe Payment option?


I’m switching to in-person payment and would like disconnect the Stripe payment option on our practiscore page, but I’m having a little trouble finding the process. Thanks for any help! Tim

Hi Tim!

I’m not sure how, at this time, to disconnect it completely, but I’ll have a look. In the meantime, you can hit “Offline” in the payments section and that will disable the payments section and only show the price of the match.


Roger that, thanks!

Why did you decide to stop using the Stripe payment option? Benefits not outweighing the drawbacks? We have been considering this and are trying to decide on what direction to take.

Michael, the rate was high, and it made accounting trickier.

I am not sure how to properly ask questions on here so i searched for similar issues. I was trying to set up a stripe account and i put in the EIN number we had not knowing it was no longer valid. Stripe sent me an email stating our EIN was no longer valid. So i thought it wasn’t going to work, then i selected payment off line on both matches instead of on line but one of our matches is still showing the people registering a CC option and several paid with CC over the weekend. I have looked at both matches and cannot see any difference, they both say payment off line on my side when editing the registration information.

We will reply at the standalone post you created.