How to delete an old match director from our club?

We have changed match directors in our club and when club was created, the old match director created it. So we actually help manage it and need to change that and have the old match director removed.

Go to your club,
Choose edit settings from the drop down menu. And then access.
You can add or remove people with admin access right there.

So even though I help manage, if there was another manager they would be listed, right?

The only person who will not show up on that list is the club owner. The person who started the club. All admins and the owner have the same rights to change things. So if the person who is leaving is the original club owner then we have to look at something different.
If you email me directly with all the pertinent information I can look more into it if you still have problems.

Let me see if anything else happens. I’m the range owner but the match director created the club and has left. the only name that shows up is mine and now I have invited the new match director to help manage. I just wanted to make sure if the ex-match director’s name would show up if he was still a part of it. His name does not appear, so I’m just double checking.