How to change PF after match to get correct result

I have the problem that 2 shooters (PRO,+PO) have registered with PF Major. Because of this was my first match which I organized with PS, I didn’t recognize this before the match and before the import to the IOS App.
During the match I tried to change the PF in the App, but this was not possible. The App offers only Major or Subminor. Now after the match I tried it again, without success Has anyone an idea how I can change the PF (and so the result) before I submit the final results.
Thank you very much for every hint

Your best bet now is to email the match export file to [email protected] and also clarify how/where your match was created and how it was brought to your tablets.

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If you can sync your match with an Android device, you can make the change on the Android.
Then sync back to the iOS device and you should be good to go.


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Bud, thank you for your hint. Because of I havn’t access to an Android device I solved the problem as follows.
I add (additional) both shooters as new shooters on the PS Match organisation system, then I sync to the “master” IPad, this sync to the “scoring” IPhone. Next step was to copy the results to the “new” shooters and delete the wrong registered shooters. Then the way back - “scoring” IPhone sync to “master” IPad. This is certainly not the best way, but it works.

Hi, I will do this also, because it seems, that the IOS Version has the wrong translation regarding the procedures implemented (cyrillic letters)