How to change IDPA Point down value?

We have a local match that is roughly based on 2005 IDPA rules. How do I modify the scoring to accommodate?
The penalties are easy enough and I can save the match as a template. But how do I start with IDPA and change the point down value to 0.5sec instead of 1 sec?

Hi @Dillon_Glenn,
You can change the point values under the “Build Stages” penalties section.

Right for penalties, but how do I make the points down in scoring add 0.5 sec instead of the default 1sec?

Right below the penalties

If you click on the 1.00 that is there, you’ll be able to change the value to whatever you want it to be.

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Ah in iOS, not on Android that I see from my Fire Tablet. So i’ll have to create this template from my iOS phone then figure out how to share into the fire tablets for scoring.

On Android you can go into the match list and edit the points down from that screen.

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Perfect! Awesome help, I think I can manage the rest of the settings .