How to add a bonus target in a stage

I am running a run and gun match, and would like to add a bonus target to a stage (take time off the run if hit). I’m using 3-gun/time-plus for scoring. I don’t see an option for this in ‘stage builder’ but I know I’ve seen it in other matches. Anyone know how to do this?


@john_rasmussen in timeplus scoring there are no targets or per-target scores. Instead you can define/edit arbitrary time-penalties and time-bonuses. The penalties add to the stage time and the bonuses will subtract from it. So, you can define special bonuses for your special target(s) and enable/disable them per stage.

Also note that time-based penalties/bonuses can only be edited (from the stage list screen) when match in creation mode. Once you entered scores, synced or exported match - it goes into the scoring mode and penalties aren’t editable anymore.

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Thank you for the reply.

Is the process you are referring to done in the Practiscore website or on the iPad when building a stage? I have an iPad in front of me and I have created a stage with time-plus scoring. I see all the available penalties that I can select, but I don’t see anything about an available bonus or special targets. Or are you saying that the RO would just subtract the applicable time from the run and enter the corrected time if the shooter hits the bonus target.

@john_rasmussen it has to be done on the tablet.

The configuration you are looking for is on a previous screen where you have list of stages. There are options to edit penalties and bonuses used in a given match.

Ahh. I see that now, thank you.

I must have created my match with the wrong scoring type or something, because when I click on ‘Bonuses’ I get a message that says 'Scoring Mode Adding/Deleting/Reordering is disabled. Tap fields to change. (and there are no fields to tap).

@john_rasmussen see 2nd paragraph of my first response regarding the
“scoring mode”

May I jump in here? I seem to have the same problem described above. I am running a multigun match. I have created the match in the Practiscore app, as a time plus match. I am at the ‘Match List’ page, There are no options for bonus targets, or any target editing. When I go to edit match page, also no options for bonus targets or target editing. I am working on an Android.

Any suggestions?

Yeah, check the “Build Stages” screen instead.

Are you running a particular 3 gun match?
Most 3G matches are run as time plus points.

Extremely helpful. Thanks Guys!!! The tricky part is you have to set up your bonuses on the build stages screen right after you clone the match (or create it) and before you enter any scores or sync the match. Once you do one of those, it changes the match from Create Mode to Scoring Mode and you get that error that everyone was mentioning. Timing is everything!!!