How exactly do you "win" a USPSA match?

Do you win if you get the most points/percentage of possible points for your division?
Do you win if you get the highest hit factor?

Hi Richard! In USPSA, your score is points divided by time which equals Hit Factor. A stage has a certain amount of points. The higher the hit factor the more points you receive on the stage.

You shoot a stage that is worth 100 points. You shoot the stage in 5 seconds with 90 points in hits. You’re would then hit factor score it. 90/5=18. The highest hit factor in the stage is 20. Divide your hit factor by the highest hit factor which would be 1.111… the highest hit factor gets all the points which is 100. Take the most points in the stage,100 and divide your 1.111… by the stage points. That would be 90.0009. You earned that many points on the stage which is counted in your match score. The most of those points in a match wins.

I hope this helped you :grin:

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