How does a dad sign up a 13 year old kid to practicscore?

I just had a new shooter ask me about registering his 13 year old son for the NRL 22. Apparently dad already signed up and he tried to use the same email to sign up the son but PS said this email was already in use. Does this father need to make another email account?.. update: dad made another email acct but PS said email was already registered at the Address. . Thx Gary

Each shooter needs their own account with a unique email address.

If this person created a “new” email account and then is trying to create a new shooter account but the system is rejecting him he is most likely not logging out of the system and creating a new account as a un-logged in person.
Is it possible he is just recycling an email he has used before and doesn’t remember?
So many questions…

It would be preferable if he directly emails [email protected] with all his info for help. We really can’t help with second hand info.