How do we Email results to Steel Challenge?

How do we email results to Practiscore & pay the $1.00 per gun fee?

Hi Dan,
Are you asking as a Match Director?
In SCSA you, as a MD, will claim the match to you club on the results page. Then you will download the match file that is created to send to SCSA. You will then log into your clubs SCSA account and upload the file to SCSA. SCSA will collect any fees due.
We at Practiscore do not collect nor transmit any info to the sanctioning body.
You can see this tutorial for help.


Hello D. J.,
I am Match Director as well as collect the $$ for the match, deposit the $$ in the bank, Run & set up the Tablets before and after the match…So, I pretty much do everything. I did pay the fee the last match we had on May 2, but forgot how I did it. Thanks for your help in reminding me how to do it!

Dan Harman

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Hello D.J.
I have another question. I was showing a fellow co-match director how to transfer scores from a match we had today. I had inadvertently deleted a squads scores when the match was over. Do you now of any way to recover those scores?
Thanks, Dan

@DAN_HARMAN not DJ, but I’m wondering how you managed to delete squad scores? Some context on what you did would help.

Also, if you don’t mind, I’d like to split this question in a separate topic, as it isn’t related to the original one.