How do I disable Secure Match on practiscore app for our nrl22 match

I had problems uploading the Cof templae for nrl22 -I did a little looking around, and I finally got my Cof template for august nrl22 thru an email, but there are gray locked boxes asking for a Match Password and reading your thread from 2020 I am trying to I disable “secure match” option …

If you don’t know match password you can’t turn off match security option. However…

  • If a “secured” match has “template” option set - you should see that template in the list of choices when creating a new match on device
  • Alternatively, you can use the “Clone” option an any match, including a “secured” one. It will create a new match with security option removed.

If I remember the standard protocol for NRL 22. You are supposed to download the match template and then you are to clone the match creating a new unique ID number when you create the new match. You are definitely not to use the match that you import from either the email or a Dropbox.
If you have problems you should reach out to @Levi_Sanderson who is the NRL 22 expert.

Thank you for responding DJ and Eugene. He has found the instructions posted with the template and successfully created his match.