How do I add a Mulligan as option to stage(s) - one per match?

One Mulligan per match need to log its use within a stage and unavailability for rest of the match. Not usable on every stage, so enable or not.
Similar category, Coach or Sighter (free round wind read) 2 rounds per match points do not count hit or miss nor add or subtract from round count.

We don’t have support for track and limit things globally for a match. But you might be able to track it, depending on your match type

@Dallas_Sharp consider a low-tech solution. When we have done this in the past at a match, we bought pre-numbered raffle tickets on Amazon. Just like a raffle, the shooter gets one half of the ticket with a number code on it, and the other half is kept by the MD with the same number code plus their name. When they want to use the mulligan, they just turn it into the RO on that stage.


Already had manual accounting, just wanted an electronic solution. Hoping a better electronic solution than making an entry within each stage not adding or subtracting points. Something like a minor safety without the seriousness or points. Thanks for suggestions. However

Thank you for posting on here and asking the community Dallas. It’s nice to hear input from other people that have also worked on finding solutions for this scenario. This was a concept I briefly brainstormed on for the NRL22 National Championship and we ended up just going with the low tech solution.

I was wondering why couldn’t that be a reason (added to app) for a reshoot? I’d like to see old time recorded, just for posterity. A RESHOOT is basically what you are doing, you are giving the mulligan user an opportunity to reshoot. It could have max mulligan reshoot of 1. Who reading this could add that to software? The person hands RO the mulligan chit, score keeper clicks a box and no MD override necessary with review signature.

@Dallas_Sharp for one - it would require the most up to date information for the entire match. Essentially a range-wide wifi and then tablet sync. Currently PractiScore app at the stage only has data for that given stage, so generally not enough data to make decision if mulligun is available or not.

PS: selecting reshoot reasons is a separate story. Currently we don’t have support for that and it’s something that was being considered.