How can I delete clubs?

My club has four profiles, but we only use one. How can I delete the other profiles created by past Match directors/board members?

Log into the club you want to delete.
go into “Edit Club Settings” then “Access”.
At the bottom of that page is a big red button that say “Delete Club”

I do not see ‘edit club settings’, likely because I do not have any authority for these profiles that were set up by previous board members of my club. There are three of these unused profiles for our club that I would like to delete.

I will need all the info on these clubs.
The exact names and who started them.
Are you saying that you cannot log into those clubs?
I’m sure you understand I just cannot delete random clubs at a no owners request.
The best way is to have the club owners contact me directly at
[email protected]

Thanks D.J. I know who has authority over one of the profiles and I will contact you after discussing this further with him.
Thanks again,