How can I delete clubs?

My club has four profiles, but we only use one. How can I delete the other profiles created by past Match directors/board members?

Log into the club you want to delete.
go into “Edit Club Settings” then “Access”.
At the bottom of that page is a big red button that say “Delete Club”

I do not see ‘edit club settings’, likely because I do not have any authority for these profiles that were set up by previous board members of my club. There are three of these unused profiles for our club that I would like to delete.

I will need all the info on these clubs.
The exact names and who started them.
Are you saying that you cannot log into those clubs?
I’m sure you understand I just cannot delete random clubs at a no owners request.
The best way is to have the club owners contact me directly at
[email protected]

Thanks D.J. I know who has authority over one of the profiles and I will contact you after discussing this further with him.
Thanks again,

I wanted to rename a club I started, but I can’t, so I’m trying to delete it (as the only admin) and a message pops up saying I don’t have permission to delete it. Again, I am the only admin.

You can’t delete it because you’re an admin, you’re probably not the actual owner. What is the current name of the club. What do you want the name of the club to become?
Practiscore web admins are who can change names of clubs nobody else.

It’s interesting I can’t delete it since I’m the one that originally created the club on practiscore, but if you can do it then it’s all good. The club I want to delete is “UHRC Club One”. I already started another one with the correct name so this one is essentially a blank page. Thanks for the response DJ!

It’s Done.