How can I change LogIn to another user - spouse

My wife logged in. Was able to LogOut. I can not get to enter My credential because when I hit Login, it Login wife Directly/automatically and nothing I do can change it. How can I change Login to another user - spouse

(Venting: I likely will not shoot IDPA ever because of the Hours of trying to navigate or learn (tutorial) Practiscore, the worst website ever created is so FRUSTRATING!)

I’m sorry you feel the Practiscore website is difficult.

The log in problem you are having is not a webiste issue, it is a browser issue. Where you browser is most likely displaying you a cached webpage even after you log out.
I would suggest hitting the log out button on the drop down menu. Then Clear your browser cache. ( If you don’t know how google can give you directions depending on what browser you use) After clearing the cache you can go back to the Practiscore website and Log in at the main page.